Laser technology is widely used for tattoo removal and the correction of skin blemishes. Surgery makes use of special tattoo removal equipment that is capable of generating different types of light pulses or laser beams targeting the tattooed area. The complexity of the tools used vary from patient to patient, depending on the nature and specificity of the tattoo. Every type of laser beam targets a particular pigment color. This means that a certain color will only respond to one type of laser.

The main exception here is black, and other dark colors. Black ink absorbs all types of laser light, and this means that the easiest tattoos to remove are dark ones. The simpler the tattoo, the less sophisticated the tattoo removal equipment and the lower the costs of the intervention. The efficient mechanism that lies at the basis of laser technology represents the fragmentation of the ink in the skin into small particles that are then cleared away by the body’s defense system. This means that it will take between one and three weeks for the small ink particles to filter through the system and be gone.

Other items of tattoo removal equipment worth mentioning are spot sizes and disposable tips. The spot sizes come in a wide assortment, which means that the physician has the possibility of setting the size of the light beam. The disposable tips on the other hand prevent cross-contamination. The safety for the patient is very high, and so is the efficiency of the treatment. For several minutes the skin is bombarded by highly intense pulses. Before the intervention as such, the doctor will test your skin reaction to laser light.

It is important to choose professional tattoo removal, because clinics have the best tattoo removal equipment available. Whether you go for laser treatments or for intense light pulse therapy, you should envisage your safety first and foremost. Even if the technology is widely used and highly popular, the costs remain high for laser tattoo removal. Equipment costs usually justify the price tags, and there are very low chances to get discounts on interventions. You can negotiate such terms if you have two or three tattoos removed, but even in such cases size, ink type and body location matter.

Keep in mind that the specialist should inform you on the basic stages of the treatment, which will give you an idea about how tattoo removal equipment works. This can be useful for you to evaluate your situation and understand it!


Choosing the right laser tattoo removal provider is the second most important decision you will make concerning your treatment. The most important decision was deciding to have the tattoo removal treatment. It is best to choose someone, preferably a doctor, that does laser tattoo removal on a regular basis. Often the best doctors to perform the procedure specialize in plastic surgery or dermatology. They usually have the latest laser devices and are more knowledgeable on the procedures.

A good way to find a list of practitioners in your area is to do an online search. This will result in a list of laser tattoo removal specialists for you to consider. Some may be doctors that perform the procedure themselves, and others may be doctors that oversee technicians that do the procedure. While searching online it is often possible to find reviews from previous clients concerning specific practitioners and treatments.

After you have narrowed down your list to several choices of laser tattoo removal specialists, the next step is to schedule a preliminary consultation. The purpose of this consultation is for you to further assess your choices and the quality of each one. Once you arrive at the office you will know right away if it is the type of setting where you would want to have your laser tattoo removal treatment. The office should meet with your specifications of cleanliness and orderliness. The staff should seem helpful and friendly when you arrive.

When you have your meeting with the practitioner, you should be prepared to ask several questions. You will want to find out the amount of experience he has had with laser tattoo removal. To do this, you may want to ask him the number of laser tattoo removal procedures he has completed, how long he has been offering these services, and where he was trained in this specific technology. you want to know if there are any side effects or drawbacks to the particular procedure he will be using. It is acceptable to ask to see his medical certificates and credentials. This way you will determine his specialty, and whether or not he is board certified. It is also good to find out if the practitioner owns his own lasers.

If you are happy with how your preliminary consultation has progressed to this point, you may want to ask the practitioner the details concerning the specific laser tattoo removal procedure that you are interested in having done. You should ask him what kind of pain relief is available during the procedure, as most people do experience some degree of discomfort. If you have a low pain tolerance, this is especially important. Ask the practitioner how many treatments he feels will be necessary for your laser tattoo removal and determine whether his treatment schedule fits into your time from. It is also important to find out the cost of the laser tattoo removal treatments and the types of payments that this particular office accepts.

You should repeat the preliminary consultation with as many practitioners that you feel are necessary until you find one that makes you feel completely comfortable and fits your price range. Taking the time needed to choose the right practitioner for you is the first step to having successful laser tattoo removal treatments.

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